Vision & Mission


We live in a vibrant, greener and healthier world created by cooperation and goodwill that is the result of our combined efforts. Our heightened awareness of these mutually beneficial relationships promotes responsible stewardship of our land, fresh water and ocean. Everyone recognizes the right of all to a good, clean and fair system of food and water.


Girls on farmSlow Food Glades to Coast champions the protection of our unique sub-tropical environment, our coastland and ocean & the life within it-from sea to sea of grass. By celebrating & respecting the diverse cultures, traditions and lifestyles of our community, we will create a harmonious effort committed to the sustainability of our local resources. We understand that a healthy, thriving environment is necessary for a healthy food chain. Creating and supporting programs that indentify and protect endangered species and promote biodiversity and sustainable practices will enhance these efforts.

Our work with other individuals and groups will advocate a greater awareness of and create progressive policies structuring our food system---we will build bridges within our community to strengthen our positive impact. Starting school and community gardens--edible greening of urban areas--will be projects of great importance. With pleasure, we will educate about planting, growing, harvesting, preserving, catching and preparing our local foods and honor those of other regions. We accomplish this through educational workshops, talks, films and a variety of dining events from casual picnics and potlucks to wine dinners at top local restaurants.

With great conviviality and inclusivity, we joyfully share the divine experience of sustenance at the table.