Ark of Taste

To qualify for the US Ark of Taste, food products must be:

  • Outstanding in terms of taste—as defined in the context of local traditions and uses
  • At risk biologically or as culinary traditions
  • Sustainably produced
  • Culturally or historically linked to a specific region, locality, ethnicity or traditional production practice
  • Produced in limited quantities, by farms or by small-scale processing companies

Product categories include vegetables, fruits and berries, nuts, cereals, cheeses, fish, shellfish, game, livestock, poultry, beverages, honey, spices, syrups, vinegars, and more.

Ark of Taste entries from Florida include:

  • Wilson Popenoe Avocado
  • Pantin Mamey Sapote
  • Florida Cracker Cattle
  • Royal Palm Turkey
  • Datil Pepper
  • Tupelo Honey
  • Wild Catfish
  • Wild Gulf Coast Shrimp

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